Water Center offers a unique range of customized automation in the sustainable management of water resources for industrial, commercial and municipal clients. Water Center utilizes unique real-time monitoring to continuously adapt the water treatment to fluctuating supply and water conditions. This helps maintain the system’s performance, extends its service life and reduces health risks to operating personnel and local residents. With Water Center, operators are able to measure key parameters, digitize documents and data, utilize alarm notifications and treatment variations to ensure an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly implementation.

Water Center software can be customized and programmed for various water plants such as the boilers, cooling towers, chillers, effluent water and city water. It has the capability to connect water chemistry data, system data and maintenance data for seamless interface data logging and optimization. A wide range of water treatment equipments such as chemical feeders, membrane recycling systems, ozone systems and others can be connected and integrated to Water Center for real time monitoring, adjustment and optimization.