Air Center uses advanced algorithms to automatically fine tune and control chiller plants resulting in savings while maintaining or improving comfort. In every building, it is important to have experienced building engineers to control the efficiency of energy usage. But to achieve the most efficient HVAC operating strategy, it will require continuous monitoring of weather inputs, demand response, pressures, temperature, kW history and system efficiency in order to run thousands of computations for peak optimisation tuning. Air Center is directly connected to all major components of the chiller plant to make small changes in temperature and pressure resulting in significant energy savings.

Air Center software can be installed in days and deployed in weeks. Behind every deployment is a support team of experienced energy engineers that ensure system performance, identify “energy drain” faults and equipments that are required to achieve peak optimisation. A full set of energy savings equipments for the chiller plant such as inverters, air temperature sensors, water temperature sensors and, controls, power meters, data loggers, system controllers can be provided as part of the Air Center Package. These equipments will be connected and integrated to Air Center for real time adjustment to ensure that the chiller plant uses the least amount of energy to produce the required cold temperature.