Our mission is to integrate actionable information into a single application and give real time peak optimised performances for sustainable utility management.

By integrating actionable information into a single application, we have created advanced algorithm cloud based softwares to automatically fine tune air conditioning and water systems resulting in utility savings while maintaining comfort and better system performances.

"Centerlise is not just an automation company, but also a technology and engineering company with a focus on integration innovation."

The word Centerlise originated from the importance of integrating information into a CENTER.

We believe that every information is actionable and requires integration for accurate decision making. But today’s problem is in the separation of information. Information comes from different systems and different companies thus making information sharing difficult and time consuming. Our objective is to create integrated software systems to ease communication and solve problems.

"We understand that the best utility optimisation for buildings comes from a completely integrated approach from conception to completion. We have a strong creative team, in which programmers and engineers work alongside the installation team from the beginning of the process.

By doing so, we believe that they can learn from one another and combine their knowledge to devise wholly integrated solutions."